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Friends Playing Chess

POSTED ON August 8th  - POSTED IN All

I could not resist sharing this photo. These three girls are nine years old and are good friends. They are actually the daughters of my colleagues where I have my office in New Jersey. 

Well, this afternoon they stopped by to visit me and were excited to see a copy of my book on my desk. They proceeded to ask me questions about the book and what it all meant to me. I tried my best to explain the correlation between playing chess and transferring the chess-playing skills into all aspects of life, including business. Their eyes grew wider as I talked about chess and the importance of the game.

Since I have a chess game already set up in my office, I encouraged them to play a game and they were very excited. You see, these nine year old girls have been taught the basics and play occasionally. They were so adorable because they sat in the middle of my office in silence and concentrating like adults. I knew that instant I had to take the picture with my cell phone because this is exactly what I am talking about in my book. Mentoring and encouraging little girls to believe in their abilities is so important as a SHESS player in your game of life.

I have officially made Gya, Julie, and Julia “little SHESS warriors” in their game of life! The best part is they understand the message that as they get older and continue playing chess they will aspire to promote themselves to Queen status in life or in business. My job is still not done. Many many more young girls to inspire…

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