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SHESS and its Positive Relevance to Life and Business

POSTED ON October 6th  - POSTED IN All

There is no special magic or mystery to SHESS. SHESS is an all encompassing term which simply represents “your game of life” and all of the circumstances which affect and exist in your life, including challenges relevant to business development represent your “battlefield.”
What is important to understand is that SHESS is a mindset which you can adopt to help you to become a better thinker, prepare and react to expected or unexpected situations, analyze and solve problems, make decisions, and face your opponents in your life and marketplace with more confidence.

But, how is this possible you may ask? Well, by learning to play chess you are opening your mind to many rewards and benefits because the chess-playing skills which are inherent in the game can be successfully transferred into your daily activities, as well as business development. Required skills such as focus, memorization, creative and logical thinking, pattern recognition, and critical and analytical reasoning are but a few. In other words, playing chess provides a basis for the value of each move, variation of strategies, tactics and rules. This also applies to SHESS except there are no manadatory rules to play in your game of life, only suggested guildelines, strategies for success, and tips for setting and achieving your goals. 

SHESS is very unique in that the mindset you adopt for self-awareness, self-improvement, self-acceptance of your abilities and faults, including a willingness to learn a fun game of chess, provides you with a flexible platform to jumpstart your motivation to set and reach your goals. 

At the end of the day, I really hope that you take a chance and learn to play chess because SHESS leaves plenty of room for skill development while encouraging growth at all levels, including mentoring others to succeed.  Believe me, I know.

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