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As a woman, what does success mean to you?

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Society teaches men dominate the business arena, but reality teaches success means different things to different people. In my opinion, success means having a focus on what matters to me and achieving my personal and professional goals — not based on a title, or how much money or material things I have accumulated. A sense of satisfaction consumes me when I have done and accomplished something with interest, passion and dedication. Whatever path I choose to take in order to succeed at something is relative to how I think, plan, and react to the goal at hand. Success is also an achievement, which I enjoy sharing with other women because mentoring others is part of my overall success as a SHESS player in my game of life.

With that said, there are many women who perceive success as ultimately holding a high position in a Fortune 500 company, earning or having lots of money and living in a Mansion. That’s great! But, while this is a valid perception of success on the surface, the truth is many women do not personally wish to be CEOs or be part of a corporate structure. Perhaps this view is attributable to countless women not being educated about confidence, business, how to achieve success in their lives, or understand finances. The truth is women have the right to feel complacent with where they are right now in their lives. The beauty of choices is that there is something for everyone. Success should not be a product of the stigma of a gender war, but rather an individual pursuit of happiness and achievement of personal and professional goals.

In SHESS, your game of life, being a “pawn in life” metaphorically means as a woman, only you have the ability to promote yourself to a Queen status in life or in business. There is no one judging or pressuring you to do something. For instance, you may have dreams of entrepreneurship, seek a job promotion, or simply desire changing something within yourself for the better. What matters most is identifying your need for change, planning and taking proactive steps towards moving from a pawn to a Queen status in life or in business. As a result, you have consciously begun to create a changed image in your mind while preparing to make strategic moves towards something positive. 

I believe there is a clear distinction between what success is and how you get there. For example, success usually occurs after you have set and achieved your own personal goals. Some people have had the privilege to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths while others have been born into poverty and struggle. Either way, success is always achievable. The difference is in knowing what SHESS moves you need to make to help you get there. 

Remember, titles are for those who aspire to earn it, and your perception of what success means stems from a personal place in your mind and heart. What you decide to do with your time, life and money is entirely up to you. So, consider my question:  “As a woman, what does success mean to you?” Think about it carefully and if you desire to step up your game of life and improve your current situation, then read “Let’s Play SHESS” and go for it! Do not focus on titles. Learn to play chess,your game of life – your way – and at your own pace. Your efforts to set and accomplish your individual goals means success will be yours if you want it bad enough! – Wendy Oliveras

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