Honorary Recipient, Jersey City’s 15th Annual 2013 “Women of Action” Award 

“My mission is to empower women of all ages and backgrounds worldwide through chess!” – Wendy Oliveras

Wendy Oliveras is a Latina entrepreneur, Global IP Search & Business Consultant, HR/Talent Acquisition Specialist, author, columnist, motivational speaker, trainer and career mentor. She founded Oliveras & Company, Inc., a prominent legal search firm specializing in the recruitment of intellectual property attorneys, partners, HR professionals and support staff in 2001.

In 2014, Wendy created a new way in which to inspire, teach, mentor, and motivate the youth and adults to become better strategic thinkers and problem solvers through basic chess strategies. She is Creative Founder & CEO of SHESS Global Alliance, LLC (A Certified MWBE and federal WOSB). The SHESS revolution has begun! The unique and proprietary corporate “SHESS” workshops are designed to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to have fun and learn to play chess while successfully transferring the chess-playing skills into their real life activities and business.

“SHESS” is a creative play on two words — “she” for female and “chess” for the game. The term stands for “your game of life” and how a woman’s way of approaching her life can be, intellectually and cognitively, elevated by incorporating the skills, tactics, and strategies learned by playing the game of chess. As a SHESS warrior, the world becomes her battlefield and how she confronts and handles all challenges in life and business become her moves. “From my perspective, chess is far more than just a “thinking” game, it is an influential women’s empowerment tool.” – Author Wendy Oliveras

Oliveras is an Honorary Recipient of the Jersey City’s 15th Annual 2013 “Women of Action” Award and was President of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) Hudson County Chapter from April 2010 to April 2012. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Human Resources Management and a post-Masters Certification in Career Development and Planning from The New School in New York City. Her professional affiliations and memberships include: United States Chess Federation (USCF); Ambassador, New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC); Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA); ASWIFTT WRITERS GUILD (ASWIFTT); Board of Trustees, Mother Daughter Network (MDN); and Toastmasters International (TI).

Wendy Oliveras recently appeared on NYC Media Life TV “Brooklyn Savvy” show with Host Toni Williams to discuss why it is so important for girls and women to take advantage of playing chess. She is a well sought after consultant, trainer and motivational speaker and is available to speak at schools, universities, corporate functions and community groups. For more information and contact information, please send an email via

EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS:  A Spanish version of “let’s play SHESS” entitled Juguemos SHESS  Sé exitosa en el juego de la vida y de los negocios, jugando ajedrez: de Peón a Reina” is to be completed in the future. “Juguemos SHESS” is meant to also empower Latina/Hispanic girls and women to take proactive steps towards their personal and professional growth and development. This will be a Special Edition:  Read new SHESS-timonies from Latina/Hispanic Women Chess Masters Worldwide.


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examinerSince 2009, Contributor Wendy Oliveras has been writing articles providing general business advice, job searching and interviewing tips, networking, workplace and HR issues, including SHESS strategies for success.

NY Search Consultant Examiner – Author Wendy Oliveras – NEW YORK

Women's History Month

City Hall, Jersey City: April 3, 2013
Jersey City celebrates Women’s History Month with the 15th Annual “Women of Action” Awards Author Wendy Oliveras of “Let’s Play SHESS” was an honorary recipient of the prestigious “Women of Action” Award. This Award was presented by Jerriamiah Healy, Mayor of Jersey City and the Municipal Council.
News Article

Press Conf. for Senator

Date: November 21, 2011

Wendy Oliveras was a guest speaker at a Press Conference for Senator Menendez in Hoboken, NJ Press Release: Menendez, Hoboken Mayor Endorse Small Business Saturday November 21, 2011

Urge Residents to Shop Locally in Holiday Season
See link: Robert Menendez, United States Senator for New Jersey

The Jersey Journal, Published November 21, 2011


Wendy Oliveras also appeared on FOX MY9NEWS with Brenda Blackmon to discuss shopping locally and women-owned small businesses. She is a well sought after motivational speaker and is available to speak at schools, universities, corporate functions and community groups. For media inquiries and more information please contact author below or See video below.



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