First Woman to Break the Gender Barrier in Chess
Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships and

5 Olympic Gold Medals



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Encouraging more females to play chess

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Read what RUTH I. HARING, President of the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) 
and other accomplished women say about this unique inspirational and empowering book!


Ruth I. Haring, President, U.S. Chess Federation

FOREWORD: “If I were to write a book on chess and the benefits which I personally gained as a result of my experience as a teenage chess phenom, my book would be very similar to the story told here. It is important to me that as an evangelist for chess I spread the word that there are tangible benefits from certain disciplines whether they be categorized an art or a sport. In the case of chess, arguably, some of the skills learned are skills not taught to females or males in a formal manner. But males learn these lessons and females do not, thereby leaving females at a disadvantage in certain kinds of academic, competitive and business situations.”…“I congratulate Wendy Oliveras for her successful efforts to write this book. Let’s PlaySHESS will inspire and motivate girls and women worldwide to transfer the chess-playing skills into their everyday activities and business development. I hope you all enjoy this book and learn to play chess as well.”  Ruth I. Haring, President, United States Chess Federation (USCF), (WIM) International Woman Master, 1975 (CA)

“I am convinced that feminism should reach all areas of society, including sports. Chess is one of the few sports where men and women compete in tournaments, but it is also true that the vast majority of entries in tournaments, as well as teachers are men. Women are a minority in chess. But you have to give a “check” to equality and continue to create opportunities for more girls to reach chess, offer equal awards, and create the right conditions for women so they do not withdraw from chess. As a Latina and Ecuadorian, I feel proud of my origins. I identify with my people who fought for their sovereignty and independence. As a woman, both on the chessboard and as in life, I stand for equality and respect. Women can achieve what they set out to accomplish. Chess is a sport that can transform lives and minds. When children interact and share through chess, they learn to respect each other, namely that children are capable of what we propose. Chess creates beings who reflect and think before they act and, therefore, can contribute to the formation of a better society. I hope more women learn to play chess because it will create more visibility in sports, science, and chess gives us tools for life such as patience, planning, visualization, and decision-making responsibility. I support the SHESS revolution!” Carla Heredia Serrano, WGM 2012, WIM 2008, Bachiller 2008 (Carla is originally from Quito, ECUADOR. She speaks Castillano, English, and German. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology in Texas and is a Chess Tutor.)

“With the ever-changing economic landscape, every woman needs to continually assess and prioritize issues that will have a significant effect on her business sustainability; locally and globally. Let’s Play SHESS is the ‘go to resource’ for any woman; emerging or established entrepreneur who wants to create strategic moves in her business game. Wendy Oliveras has provided an ingenious analogy of how this is to be accomplished…a dynamic book which I will share with many of my colleagues and friends.” Willa A. Edgerton-Chisler, PCC, BCC, Founder & CEO of Symphony Coaching, LLC; 2012 NJ BIZ Best 50 Women in Business; 2010-2011 State President, NJAWBO (SHESS Player/Queen in Business/NJ)

“SHESS is a rational and customizable resource for the woman who seeks progress or positive change. Who knew that learning the game of chess would be so invaluable as you apply yourself and practice foresight?! Let’s PlaySHESS introduces the reader to an approach that may rival many systems aimed to prepare women to advance in business or in life. It is information that complements your current business approach as it helps you to leverage your skills to become more strategic and innovative. The challenges are intense for the woman who takes a leap toward growth and change or from employee to entrepreneur. Even with an advanced degree and several business certifications, a change may test a person’s resolve. The playing field is not leveled and SHESS is the tool women should refer to early and often.” Lisa Y. Bullard, Founder & CEOOnPoint Communications, LLC and Author of “A Ripple Effect” (SHESSPlayer/Queen in Business/NJ)

“Wendy Oliveras is a woman of integrity and character, whose vision of success and perseverance has inspired many other women business owners. She is passionate about helping girls and women to be the best they can be and never to give up their dream of having a successful business. Let’s Play SHESS is a masterpiece. Wendy is eloquent, inspiring, and full of wisdom, giving women strategies in how they can be the absolute drivers of their own life and success! This is a must read book, whether you are thinking of starting your business or you have been in business for decades. I know that this book has given me the inspiration and strategies to take my business to the next level and become a Queen in business.” Helen Dao, MHA, President and CEO of Dao Management Consulting Services, Inc. and Director of U.S. Northeastern Region Salvadoran American National Chamber of Commerce (SHESS Player/Queen in Business/NJ)

Let’s Play SHESS is an inspiration to women of all ages and all walks of life. It is a must have for those who are thinking about starting a new business or deciding on a new life path. Moving up and on is exciting, but it can also be scary or painful. Wendy Oliveras articulates the process of growing into a Queen by drawing on the associations between chess and life. SHESS encourages us to have confidence and believe in our ability to awaken the Queen that lives in us all through moving forward. This book asks us to see the potential beyond the decision. Through planning and development, just like in chess, we move closer to our goals. SHESS has helped me recognize when I am stuck and how to use my everyday strengths, potential and desire to get unstuck so I can continue to create and make strategic moves towards development in my life, business and family.” Michele Pope, Founder and CEO,Map Sign Design (SHESS Player/Queen in Business/NJ)

“SHESS is a wonderful concept! This book promises to be a very powerful and inspirational tool that can be used by women all around the world. Wendy Oliveras is a strong professional woman who steered me to an opportunity to take my business to another level. As an entrepreneur, I am inspired by her. Let‘s Play SHESS should also be promoted to young children, particularly girls. Young people are our future and arming them with the SHESS tools to help them become successful in life is a beautiful thing. Thank you Wendy for sharing your wisdom and the SHESS know how.”  Corrine Statia, President, Executive Event Producer of Absolute Events By Corrine (SHESSPlayer/Queen in Business/NJ

Let‘s Play SHESS is the perfect guide for any woman who seeks a change in her life. This book offers every woman an inspiration to believe and stay true to herself. Wendy Oliveras is a phenomenal woman! After meeting Wendy for the first time, I felt comfortable and shared some of my very personal aspirations. She asked me many questions and then guided me on how to start my business. I have been on fire since then! Wendy has been very instrumental in mentoring me to become an entrepreneur and because of her guidance and belief in me, I now have the pleasure of calling myself an entrepreneur. I thank God for Wendy and believe that I am truly blessed to have her as my business consultant.” Denise Chambers, Founder and CEO of WiZe Money Moves, LLC (SHESS Player/Queen in Business/TX)

“Wendy Oliveras’ nature is to empower women, a genuine quality not all entrepreneurs and leaders possess. I am a new entrepreneur and she has guided me through numerous challenges and has even gotten her feet wet in one of my projects. From the time I’ve known her, Wendy has shown me that she is the real thing. Let’s Play SHESS offers women a fresh twist on developing skills and effective strategies to face challenges in life and business. I always believe that successful people leave clues, and I am going to be looking for the trail.” Damarys Cuevas, Founder and CEO of Greenpologie (SHESS Player/Queen in Business/NJ

“Wendy Oliveras helped me find my voice nine years ago. I was transitioning from a corporation to a start-up company and while I knew I was bringing a great deal of experience to the table, expressing that made me feel awkward. Wendy worked with me to identify my strong points and to find the right words to express myself professionally and appropriately. Let’s Play SHESS is exactly what every woman should read for motivation to think positive, learn something new, and build the confidence to speak up. I am living proof of that and it was an educational lesson which I continue to carry with me.” Elizabeth Alarcon, Operations Manager, (SHESS Player/Queen in Life/NY) 

“As a successful SHESS player in my game of life, I feel that many of the fears I have conquered and endeavors I have pursued were encouraged by the great mentorship of Wendy Oliveras. As someone I have had the privilege to know for all of my life and work under, not only did she persuade me to always go after my greatest goals in my career, but also in my personal life. Let’s Play SHESS is only a reconfirmation of Wendy’s dynamic expertise and reflects how her personal experiences in playing SHESS in her game of life made her a Queen in business. This book will help all those who read it to not only focus on their careers, but find purpose in their personal lives, discover a new perspective and be encouraged to pursue and accomplish any of their aspirations.” Christina Wendy Padron, MS, CCC-SLP (SHESS Player/Queen in Life/CT)

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